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I've lived in the UK all my life, but since I have got relatively few shared taxis in my life, I don't have that much experience of what the social norms are for tipping.

I almost always tip roughly 10% (to nearest pound, occasionally to nearest 50p as long as that's MORE than 10%), just because that's what my parents taught me.

Is tipping required? Expected? A bonus?

I occasionally don't tip - would that reflect badly on me or would the driver not think anything of it?

When people do tip, how much is the norm?

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I also normally tip circa 10 % but do not know if it is custom in london/uk –  smashtastic Mar 26 at 21:10

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It's not a requirement to tip taxi drivers in the UK. However, it's generally accepted as the 'done thing'. Note however there are different taxis - the famous 'black cabs', that have official rates, and other unlicensed minicabs where you'll need to organise a rate before you start driving.

Source - used to live in London, and tripadvisor.

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Your comment about minicabs only applies in London — it's only in London where they are obliged to have agreed a fare in advance. Elsewhere they're metered. –  gsnedders Dec 8 at 13:31
@gsnedders ah, valid point. I only caught cabs in London in the UK, as far as I can recall. –  Mark Mayo Dec 10 at 7:17

Yes it is conventional to tip taxis in the UK, just rounding up the fare something like 10%-15% is more than adequate. A professional licensed cab driver isn't going to say anything if you choose not to tip but unlicensed minicabs might ask for a tip. If you're getting a minicab from an office (they often have a yellow light at night) then agree the fare in advance.

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Do you have a source for that? –  starsplusplus Mar 27 at 9:37
If you book a taxi from an operator, I would assume you don't have to. Never given a single penny in the past 5 years and no cab driver has ever grumbled when I pay the fare. –  DumbCoder Mar 27 at 14:24
Outside of London, it's practically unheard of to agree fares in advance, as far as I'm aware. –  gsnedders Dec 8 at 13:31

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