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Occasionally I run across blogs or websites that have excellent reviews of city food of all stripes, from fancy places to street carts. The theme is "find the best food, wherever it is," across most cuisines and the updates usually have lists or photos of the best dishes at each restaurant and a recommendation about whether you should eat there.


I was curious if anyone has compiled a list of these for cities where they exist, ex. I'm going to Chennai, how can I find out what's best?

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So you are looking for a global index of food blogs? Or for instructions on how to find one for city "x"? –  uncovery Apr 3 at 23:48
Both would be useful, the former was what I had in mind... –  Kevin Burke Apr 4 at 14:00
Use your favourite search engine. Search for 'food blog area' –  DaveP Apr 5 at 13:19

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