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I'm planning to go to the Faroe Islands next August after visiting Iceland.

I was wondering if camping out in the wild is permitted anywhere in the Faroe Islands. I don't mind about the costs, but I just like the solitude and the idea of pitching your tent wherever you want.

Do I need to have a permit to sleep with a tent next to the road or in the fields?

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From FaroeIslands.com:

  1. Camping There are no public wilder­ness or common areas in the Faroes. As a consequence, camping is only permitted at designated camp­sites (See page 88). Moreover, it is not permitted to stay overnight in your camp­ing cars along the road, at rest stops, lay-bys or view areas. Be aware that many camping sites are de­signated only for tents. Cam­p­ers ought to be considerate of the environ­­ment, keep the camp­ing areas tidy and clean up tho­roughly upon departure. Be­cause of the unpredictable weather even in summer, it is advisable to have sturdy, water­proof and windproof camping equipment. Fuel for camping stov­es is available at petrol stations.

So no, wild or free camping is not permitted - you have to use designated campsites.

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