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I'm five weeks pregnant and accompanying my husband to the USA for two months. Can I get medical insurance? If so, what companies, premiums and coverage?

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People won't be able to provide information on companies, etc, unless you provide where you will be buying the insurance from. Even then, that section may be a bit broad. –  dlanod Mar 20 at 4:54
Without an indication of your country of residence, and where you're going, we can't answer companies. –  Mark Mayo Mar 20 at 4:58
One more thing to consider, many airlines don't allow pregnant women, after certain time in pergnancy, to fly. So your departure day might also be considered when you intend to return back from USA. –  DumbCoder Mar 20 at 9:12
@DumbCoder You're generally fine until after 28 weeks, which suggests no worries here - five weeks plus the eight or nine in the USA leaves her at 14 or 15 weeks, months short of when the airlines start getting concerned. –  dlanod Mar 20 at 21:11

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Having gone through this with my wife recently, yes, you can still get medical insurance. However you will need to get in contact with the individual travel insurance providers, as some may not cover pregnancy-related issues as it is a pre-existing issue. All will generally cover non-pregnancy-related issues.

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My UK's provider explicitly covered any non-routine medical conditions associated with pregnancy, but not the routine ones (e.g. scans, etc.). We haven't tested it luckily.

I guess you need to find a few quotes from your country, call them and ask. It also might be included in terms and conditions (it was in my case).

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