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Due to horrible planning I ended up in Ecuador during the rainy season (or the time of year where you get a LOT of rain every day). I was wondering, if you knew of any places (besides the coast or Galapagos) where it doesn't rain AS MUCH during this time of year (March)? Also, I was considering doing a jungle tour or two - is that even recommendable during this time?

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You've essentially asked where is it dry except where it's dry? Galapagos and coastal provinces are usually dry around this time of the year. The rest of the country expects moderately rainy weather in March which means a higher probability of rain. You may be lucky some days, while others not.

Jungle trips are possible and you should expect rain there any day of the year. Some times it just rains for short periods, other times for hours. Paths get really muddy and you will be often provided with rain boots but do bring your own waterproof jacket or poncho.

For less wet rain-forest, head as far north as possible. Tours starting from reserves around Coca are possibly your best bet. Note that venturing too far north is known to be unsafe, so be careful.

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Well, I am aware that "dry" is a very relative term in Ecuador, especially during the rainy season. Thanks for the tips, I'll look into Coca - and just get rain proof jackets and boots! – TinaTravelgirl Mar 17 '14 at 21:12

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