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On Paris Visite Pass, there is 20% discount on Disneyland 1 day/2 parks ticket. But if I purchase the ticket online how can I get the discounted ticket using the Paris Visite pass?

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I looked everywhere but couldn't find a really clear answer. I do think however, that you have to buy the ticket at the park and cannot buy online. This source for the same discount, but last year indicates:

The Disney ticket money-off deal is until 7th November 2013 on presentation of a valid Paris Visit Travel Pass at the Disney Parks ticket desk.

I found the same for 2012, so it's probable it will still be the same now.

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thanks for your reply. I am searching for this answer for so many days but didn't find any. I also emailed Disney land Official website and reply was that "We are unable to reply you regarding this" :P – rafey maher Mar 19 '14 at 22:07

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