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I'm traveling from Thailand to LAX in May and would really like to find an extended layover in Hong Kong, just enough time to see the city and I heard people doing that, but haven't been able to find any great flights through conventional means.

Is there a way to search for flights with such a criteria?

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Did you try booking a multi-city trip on your airlines website? There are often options for that. –  Thomas Bartelmess Feb 28 '14 at 19:50
A stop on an international itinerary exceeding 24 hours would be usually be considered a stopover, not a layover, which could affect the fares you are seeing. It is not clear, however, what exactly would make a flight a "great" one for you. –  choster Feb 28 '14 at 20:52

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Unless you want to be shared for a stop-over, you must limit yourself to 23:59 minutes. Most travel sites let you search for flights and sort by total duration. This will help you find the longest stop-over at the end of the list.

What often happens with popular routes is that you will not be offered such a layover because there are enough shorter options. What I've done in that case is do the same search but sort by departure time first and then arrival time. Take a note of segment which arrives the earliest at your layover and then the look for the segment which departs the latest. Then call, the airline and ask for a route with those two segment. I've done this several times but not with Hong Kong particularly.

For a longer stay you want a stopover and that usually has to be done with the airline anyway. You can try multi-city routes directly online but I've never seen it return a reasonable price for the ones I tried.

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