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I have a B1 visa which is expire in next 5-10 days and need to travel to US for an urgent assignment. Can I travel just before 2-3 days of my visa expires. Will immigration officer give me I 94 more more than my VISA expiry date. Any Idea?

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Sorry, it's not entirely clear (At least to me) - do you mean you want to travel TO the US 2-3 days before you visa expires, and then....would you leave AFTER it's meant to expire? Or still leave before? –  Mark Mayo Feb 26 at 5:39
Yes, enter US 2 days before and leave after visa expires. It depends on what I 94 will be given. But does the immigration officer will give I 94 post visa expiry date? –  user11726 Feb 26 at 5:44
Please advice if its good to travel 2 days before visa expiry date or not. My length of start would be 2 weeks. Will Immigration officer provide me I 94 for more than 2 days. Is it clear now?. Appreciate you quick reply. –  user11726 Feb 26 at 5:51
@user11726: The I-94 expiration date has absolutely nothing to do with the visa expiration date. The I-94 will probably be for 6 months or however long the officer decides. –  user102008 Feb 26 at 6:22
Thanks for your suggestion –  user11726 Feb 26 at 7:23

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A U.S. visa is only for entering the U.S. You can use it to enter any time before the expiration date. The visa expiration date has no bearing on how long you can stay in the U.S. How long you can stay in the U.S. is the expiration date on the I-94, which is determined by the immigration officer at the border depending on your visa type and other factors (like how much time you've spent in the U.S. recently).

You do not need a valid visa to remain in the U.S.; your status in the U.S. is determined by the I-94. If you are entering by air or sea after May 2013, they do not give out paper I-94s anymore. They stamp the I-94 expiration date next to the entry stamp, and you can (if you wish) look up and print out an I-94 online (but for most visitors that is not necessary).

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Your entry to the US before the visa expiration is totally in the discretion of the Border Control. –  Karlson Feb 26 at 13:29
@Karlson: right, as it always is –  user102008 Feb 26 at 19:38

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