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When I need to work out how to get from an airport to a city I'm visiting, my first port of call is normally WikiVoyage. Unfortunately, in the case of Denver, CO, the article is (currently...) a bit vague on public transport from the airport to the city, especially on how late things might stop.

When arriving mid evening into Denver International Airport, is it possible to get to the city centre (say, around the 16th Street Mall at Lawrence Street) by public transport? Ideally direct to around there, or failing that with minimal transfers?

(We've a related question, but that's for a different area in the city)

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Did you try google maps? It looks like the AF bus will take you directly there in just under an hour. – Flimzy Feb 19 '14 at 1:45
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Since April 2016, the RTD A Line is now in operation. This is a direct rail line from Denver International Airport to downtown Denver (Union Station).

The airport rail station is at the south end of the main terminal. There are trains every 15 minutes most of the day, going to every 30 minutes early mornings and late at night. There are departures from the airport until after 1:00 am. The journey to downtown takes 37 minutes with no transfers. Luggage racks are available on the train.

The fare is $9.00 and is sold as a day pass, including unlimited rail and bus travel throughout the RTD system for the whole day.

(For marketing purposes, the line is branded as the "University of Colorado A Line". Its Union Station terminus is reasonably close to the University of Colorado Denver, but travelers should note that the line does not serve the university's better-known Boulder flagship campus.)

Union Station is right at the northwest end of the 16th Street Mall. There is a free MallRide shuttle bus running the length of the mall, if you want to get to a different point.

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As @Flimzy pointed out. Google Maps has pretty extensive public transportation information. So you can simply try to get the options from it.

In addition you can look at RTD, which allows you to do the same thing but in the end uses Google Maps for rendering options.

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While Wikivoyage is a good place to check for info like this you can generally find good info on the relevant official airport website. At least I have been able to most times I've tried.

So, here's Denver airports official page. Following the Ground Transportation / Public Transport links gets you to a page about the SkyRide public bus service. From there you have to go to the RTD site and find the SkyRide page, but you can find out that the AF runs from the airport to 16th Street and (if I'm lucky and it doesn't expire) this is a direct link to that schedule.

That may not be the fastest, most regular (it looks like it doesn't run all the way to 16th street that often, so may be better if you get off earlier and change), or cheapest way -- you can follow Karlson's suggestion to compare other routes.

And, once you've done it, you can always update the Wikivoyage page for future visitors ...

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