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Taking in mind that time and money should be considered. (rent car, sleeping place) Should not take more then 1-2 days, should cost the least possible.

Train ? plane ? car ? RV ?

For those with specific minds :) lets say hour is equal to 10 usd or so :)


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Traveling in the US you'll find that trains are usually a terrible option (slow, expensive). If you don't mind the time, driving is very common, although domestic flights in the US are very cheap, especially to hub locations like NYC and Florida. Renting a car or rv long term is expensive, especially if you drop it off in a different city where you picked it up –  Blackbird57 Feb 14 '14 at 16:26

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Orlando to New York is 1740km so expect driving time to be more than 24 hrs whereas flying is 2hrs 30 min and should cost you around USD160/- one way.

Dont forget to include cost of stay if driving.

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For non stop driving (Stops for Gas and Bathrooms) it's 20-22 hours. –  Karlson Feb 18 '14 at 16:14
true, and since everyone's driving habit is different so total time may take 2 - 3 days including stays, drive time and ofcourse necessary stops in between. And if there are "must see" places enroute total time may extend. –  vedic Feb 18 '14 at 16:26

As a native New Yorker, I've done this trip very many times via both car and plane. And I would only consider flying. It will be cheaper, faster, and much more pleasant for all. JetBlue is the best option in terms of comfort, though not the cheapest (if that's your main concern.) Countless other carriers do that route as well.

The only exception in my opinion is if you have a large amount of time to spend making the trip; perhaps a week. There are a lot of interesting towns and beautiful natural places between Florida and New York, and stopping for a day or two at many of them would break up the monotony of driving, as well as affording you some nice scenery. I have done this and it was very rewarding and pleasant.

By contrast, the interstate road by which you would drive if you were only interested in getting there the fastest (I95) has no remarkable scenery whatsoever, is poorly maintained in parts, is often subject to large, full-stop traffic jams for no apparent reason, is full of crazy/exhausted drivers swerving between lanes, zealous backwoods traffic cops, overpriced fast food, expensive gas, back pain from remaining sedentary for so long, and the onset of a crushing ennui that will be shaken only by the imbroglio of New York City traffic and consequently finding a place to park therein.

I think you should fly.

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