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I am a South Africa citizen currently in the UK. I have spent 90 days out of 180 days on my Schengen visa in the Netherlands. I would like to go back to Europe before the 180 days resets. If I apply for a long stay visa from France (http://www.ambafrance-uk.org/Long-stay-visa,11784) will it be affected by the 90 / 180 Schengen rule or does it fall under a different rule?

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No, it won't, it's entirely separate but you must almost certainly apply from outside France in a country where you are a permanent resident (this is a French rule, other EU/Schengen country might differ). Your right to stay in other Schengen countries using this French visa will however still fall under the 90 days rule. –  Annoyed Feb 12 at 14:33
Apparently if I were to wait for the 180 days to reset, I can't apply for a schengen visa in any case because I am not a resident of the UK. –  nicholaschris Feb 13 at 16:09
Indeed, it's entirely unrelated. Waiting 180 days is neither sufficient nor necessary. –  Annoyed Mar 5 at 18:11
@Annoyed possibly worth putting as an answer... –  Mark Mayo Mar 26 at 8:29
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about long stay visa –  Dirty-flow Mar 26 at 10:18
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