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I am interested in going to a range to shoot both hand guns and rifles while in Georgia. Is it legal to do this in Georgia as a non-resident, and if it is legal, is it common for ranges to deny entry to non-residents?

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It is absolutely legal to shoot at a range as long as you either shoot their guns or bring your own legal firearm to the range provided your weapon meet range's restrictions.

For example: Sandy Spring Shooting Range will rent you a firearm, similar is available from Shooters of Columbus.

Normally the only thing that you need to have with you is a valid photo ID.

You can probably use Where to Shoot Site to limit the list of shooting ranges.

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"bring your own legal firearm" -- isn't it the case that non-resident in normal circumstances cannot legally own firearm in US? – vartec Feb 27 '14 at 11:18
@vartec You cannot register a firearm in the US, however, you can bring a firearm into the US as long as proper permits and declarations are issued and bring it with you to the range. Competitive shooters do it all the time. – Karlson Feb 27 '14 at 11:32

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