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My flight lands in Guangzhou Baiyun International at 1am on Saturday in July. I had intended on getting to Shenzhen by train, but I don't know if its possible. I don't read Chinese Mandarin, so I've only been able to use what Rome2Rio has provided.

Is it still possible to get to Shenzhen at that that time of day?

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You can search Chinese train schedules in English at http://trains.china.org.cn/. However, for Guangzhou-Shenzhen, I wouldn't even bother: there are trains every 10 minutes or so, and the travel time is just over an hour. Just catch the subway (Line 3) from the airport direct to Guangzhou East station and take the next train from there.

The only catch is that you're landing in the middle of the night, the first fast train from GZ East to Shenzhen is at 6:15 (although there are slow ones from GZ "main" station from 4:11) and the subway doesn't start running until 6 AM. I'd probably crash at a hotel near the airport and get going in the morning if I were you.

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I wouldn't mind taking the one at 4:11, but why do you put quotes around "main"? Also are you sure the subway goes all the way to Shenzhen? I've never seen a direct subway cross such a far distance. –  MarkE Feb 11 at 4:48
Guangzhou has two large train stations, Guangzhou East and just plain ("main") Guangzhou. Guangzhou Airport is connected by subway to Guangzhou East train station, not Shenzhen. –  jpatokal Feb 11 at 5:13

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