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I'm planning a trip to Iceland which involves a lot of research to gather information from different sources (mainly blogs, but also travel guides and other).

The problem with Iceland is that almost all tourist attractions are natural and not all are indicated properly. For instance, if I want to go to "Hellulaug" (because I've seen some interesting pictures), I have some work to find where exactly it is located (there are no maps that mark it with precision and I don't have enought time during the trip to find it).

Given this, at the beginning I have started to put POIs (Points of Interest) in a Google Maps Engine but soon I've reached its limits: only 3 layers and only 20 personalized points per layer. So, I'm wondering if there is a planning tool or online map that allows to add POIs into a map (existent or new ones) without limit and free.

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Try Google Maps Engine, the successor to My Places. The free version (Maps Engine Lite) allows up to 3 layers of 500 points each, a total of 1,500, or you can upgrade to the Pro version for 10 x 2,000 = 20,000.

Promotional demo video here, and as a sample, here's my little map of wineries around Melbourne.

(Disclaimer: Maps Engine is one of the products I work on at Google.)

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Sorry, I've changed my question. Of course, when I wrote "Google Maps My Places" I was talking about Google Maps Engine. My mistake. When you use GME, only the first 20 points in each layer can be personalized (i.e. you can put a different icon). I need this feature in order to distinguish a petrol station from a view point at a glance. –  Ivan Jan 28 at 13:37
You can style by categories: just give petrol stations and view points different attributes, then "Style by data column" using that attribute. See support.google.com/mapsenginelite/answer/3024931?hl=en –  jpatokal Jan 28 at 22:14

Try Mapbox.. Its free and has more styling features than google maps lite.. https://www.mapbox.com/

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