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Does one have to pay anything to use the trolley at Brisbane and Darwin airports in Australia ? If yes, how much do they charge and do the machines accept bills or coins ?

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International or domestic terminals? It can vary - Sydney makes domestic travellers pay but international travellers can get them for free. – dlanod Jan 23 '14 at 5:09
International terminal in Brisbane and domestic in Darwin. Flying in from Dallas. Then Brisbane, then taking a connection to Darwin from Brisbane. – happybuddha Jan 23 '14 at 16:38
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Brisbane International Airport provides trolleys free of charge in international terminal, but charges AU$4 in the domestic terminal.

At the International Terminal, baggage trolleys are provided free of charge and are located in the car park and on Levels 2 and 4. For passenger convenience small trolleys for hand luggage and shopping are also provided in the Level 3 Departures Lounge.

At the Domestic Terminal, trolleys are available for a fee of AU$4. Trolleys are located on the left hand side of the Domestic Terminal pick up and drop off road.

Source for Brisbane Airport

Darwin Airport provides trolleys free of charge.

Source for Darwin Airport

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