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I was denied an eVisitor visa for Australia because I had already spent two years in Australia and thought I would get another eVistor visa for a reason other than holiday.

I really for holidays before undertake my working holiday visa in NZ.

So after I was denied I applied for an ETA "visa" and was approved.

  • Am I allowed in Australia or not?
  • Am I going to have problems at the airport?
  • In case they don't let me in can I go straight to NZ as I have a visa for NZ?

sorry maybe I didnt explain myself very well as I was in a rush. I'm italian girl. I came back from Australia in december, after 2 year of WHV. Last week I applied for Evisitor ( so after about one month I was home), because I have a WHV for NZ and I thought to pass from Australia first to visit places that i didnt see while I was there. My intention to go to Australia is purely turist. When I apply online I got email from immigration officer that I have to send them more informtion. I answered them with my holiday plan in Australia attached with accomodations from first few dys, my visa for NZ , my ticket out from Australia to NZ, my bank account with sufficiente founds....they still refuse my visa because for them I dont have genuine intentions in Australia. They said, I already spend 697 day in Australia under WHV and the main pourpose of WHV is holidays not working. But I dint work more then 6 months for the same employer and I didnt abuse of WHV at all, I stayed under all the condition about this visa and I also travelled a lots while a was there.....but we all know how big is Australia. There are places I didnt see, that is why before go to NZ ( now that I have money from Christmas and some savings) I wanted to go first for holiday to Australia before undertake my WHV in NZ. This is not fear because now I have a denied visa in my passport for reason that they cant even proof (that is means everytime I apply for visaqs for other country I have to declare I got a denied visa in Australia), and I have flight booked to Brisbane that I cant change as it was under a saver fare. So after I got denied for evisitor I wanted a transit visa, so I could get my flight to Brisbane and then take the flight to NZ, and i found this ETA visa, I apply online throught a travel agent and I got approved after 5 minuts. How this works? Why I got denied from evisitor and approvedd for ETA, when the pourpose are the same? Am I gonna have problems at the airport? It will appear on them computer when I pass the immigration counter that I have been denied from evisitor? Can I apply again for evsitor? Thank you for your answer, Im really frustrated because I feel like a criminal...

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Welcome to travel.SE. I am not quite sure I understand what your question is? Did you receive a visa or not? And what does: I really for holidays before undertake my WHV in NZ mean? –  Karlson Jan 22 at 18:12
@Karlson - WHV = Working Holiday Visa. I think she wants to vacation in Australia on the way to taking the job in New Zealand. ETA = Electronic Travel Authority. Valid for trips of up to three months, an ETA is automatically linked to your passport once approved. –  wbogacz Jan 22 at 18:51
One more question. Based on your question I understood it that you were able to stay in Australia for 2 years on an eVisitor visa. How did you manage this without violating the conditions of the eVisitor visa? –  Karlson Jan 22 at 18:54
@wbogacz She was denied Subclass 651 visa and granted Subclass 601 visa this is not a question and she has WHV visa for NZ. I'd like the OP to clarify the meaning of the sentence I quoted. –  Karlson Jan 22 at 19:11
I suspect "I really for holidays before undertake my WHV in NZ" is meant to be "It was really for holidays before undertaking my WHV in NZ". Makes sense in the context - applied for non-holiday eVisitor visa, denied, applied for ETA visa, approved, are there going to be issues since they've gotten denied once? I agree with @wbogacz - she should be fine as she has a valid visa, as long as she didn't answer any questions incorrectly as part of the ETA visa, e.g. have you been denied a visa before? –  dlanod Jan 22 at 21:35

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eVisitor visas are available only for passport holders of these countries, all of which are in Europe. If you are not a citizen of those countries, your eVisitor will definitely be rejected.

But now that you have a valid ETA -- which implies you hold one of these passports (click the "Apply online" link for list) -- all is good, and you can enter Australia.

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If I read tge original sentence correctly OP already had an eVisitor visa –  Karlson Jan 22 at 23:53
eVisitor is max three months, there's no way you can (legally) spend two years in Australia on one. But we definitely need some more clarification here... –  jpatokal Jan 23 at 0:26
Hence the clarification I requested –  Karlson Jan 23 at 3:03

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