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Any advise who is flying, how frequently and how to contact the operator/carrier? I have not find any information on the internet. Any info is appreciated

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The best starting point for the less busy airports is to consult their official pages such as Port of Spain, which lists the flight VO 4005 departed at 5:30PM by Conviasa Airlines, which seems to be the only airline flying the direct route.

Parlomar's Wiki page lists 2 other airlines that make such a flight but I think they are private charters for the most part.

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My usual go-to resource for flight schedules out of a particular airport is kayak: All you need is the IATA airport code for your origin (in this case POS) and you can just go straight to:

to see that there are three flights a week, operated by Conviasa. You can then check on the airline's website for more information.

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