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What options are available for transportation between the Puebla airport and somewhere in the historical center of the city itself? How much should a single person expect to pay? And where do I find this at the airport itself and also on the way back from the historical center?

Bonus points if this also applies between the Puebla airport and Cholula as I may decide to go or get back from there instead.

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... upon arrival, hire an official taxi for 250 to 300 pesos at the stand inside the terminal or arrange for private pick-up/shuttle service in advance.


. The majority of cabs in Puebla are not metered, so you’ll likely have to negotiate the fare. For the best deal, tell the driver where you’re headed and agree on a price before you get into the cab....

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The official price of 250 pesos is given at the airport on a coupon and you hand this to the taxi driver. – Itai Jan 25 '14 at 16:07

From another user online (albeit a couple of years ago) (in the comments at the bottom of the page):

Local buses and taxis available. For 6 pesos (60 cents) the local bus can take you just about anywhere you want. You need to negotiate price with taxis as they do not use meters. Anywhere from 100 pesos ($10) and up.

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-1 for blindly pasting potentially obsolete information – André Peseur Jan 9 '14 at 15:58

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