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I was doing exchange programme in France for 4 months. For this, I got the visa for a long stay. Particulars mentioned on my visa are: 1. France (sauf CTOM), 2. From 22-08-2013 till 22-02-2014 3. Type of visa : D 4. Numbers of entries: MULT 5. Durationofstay XXX. I finished my programme in December. Now, I'd like to visit my friends there in February for a week. So, can I reuse my visa again or should I get a new one?

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What exactly does the visa say, especially about “Durationofstay”? –  Gilles Jan 4 at 20:10
It says just 'XXX'. –  Kate Jan 8 at 22:31
Depending on your citizenship, you might also stay in France under regular Schengen area visa-free short stay rules as your earlier stay under the French long-stay visa does not count toward the 90-day limit. –  Relaxed May 12 at 20:00

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There are several conditions on your visa. You can use it as long as you meet all the conditions.

Condition 2 states that the visa expires on February 22. So you can only visit using this visa if you leave before the 22nd.

Condition 4 states that this is a multiple-entry visa, so there is no restriction here.

Condition 5 gives a maximum length of your stay in Schengen space. Subtract the number of days that you've spent in France as part of your exchange programme. (Partial days count as 1.) You can only visit for a week if you have at least 8 days left.

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You're mis-reading condition 4. It says "MULTI". The 5 is for the next point... Also duration of stay is normally duration per visit, not total time unless explicitly stated - although for many EU visas the 90 days in 6 months rule can still apply. –  Doc Jan 4 at 19:44
@Doc Thanks for the correction about condition 4, well spotted. Duration of stay depends on the country and visa type, sometimes it's per visit, sometimes it's total, sometimes it's from first entry. I thought Schengen was total (usually 90 days, reset after 6 months). I don't have an official reference however. –  Gilles Jan 4 at 20:09
One (implicit) condition is the purpose of the stay, which seems to have changed in the meantime. I have no idea if this could be a problem in practice… –  Relaxed Jan 5 at 8:39
And can you tell me, please, whether I should leave France before 22 of February or including 22 ? Thank you! –  Kate Jan 8 at 22:37

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