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I was doing exchange programme in France for 4 months. For this, I got the visa for a long stay. Particulars mentioned on my visa are: 1. France (sauf CTOM), 2. From 22-08-2013 till 22-02-2014 3. Type of visa : D 4. Numbers of entries: MULT 5. Durationofstay XXX. I finished my programme in December. Now, I'd like to visit my friends there in February for a week. So, can I reuse my visa again or should I get a new one?

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What exactly does the visa say, especially about “Durationofstay”? –  Gilles Jan 4 at 20:10
It says just 'XXX'. –  Kate Jan 8 at 22:31
Depending on your citizenship, you might also stay in France under regular Schengen area visa-free short stay rules as your earlier stay under the French long-stay visa does not count toward the 90-day limit. –  Relaxed May 12 at 20:00

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