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For some unknown reason to me trains and Christmas are related. There are movies about it and during Christmas I always see miniature trains and tracks being sold a lot more.

I enjoy traveling by train very much. I was wondering if there is a train trip somewhere where the theme is Christmas?

It's not a requirement at all, but if the trip is somehow near one of these places, that would be very nice.

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When I visited Santa in Rovaniemi, Finland, I took The Santa Claus Express from Helsinki, north to Rovaniemi.

Santa Claus express


Description of my trip is on my blog, if you'd like to read more, although there weren't that many details, the train left daily at around 10pm in Helsinki, from memory. It gets in 13 hours later.

The train itself wasn't terribly Christmas-y, aside from the name, but then I was in sitting class at the back - so perhaps it was nicer up front :)

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