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For my upcoming trip to Noumea, the only seats left on the way home were in business class, so I'll be suffering the hardship of flying back at the pointy end... As I've had to pay more than planned for the ticket, I'd like to make the most of being in business. I'm therefore wondering if there is a business class lounge at Noumea Tontouta airport, and if so, do Qantas passengers get access to it?

I've tried searching the airport website, but I can't seem to find anything about a business lounge there. However, on the floor plan, in the top right there's a room marked VIP lounge:

enter image description here

Is this a lounge that Qantas business class passengers get access to, or is there simply no business lounge at an airport this small?

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According to the Qantas website, there is one and you should have access to it -

Location: Departure hall Level 2 - (Lift is located between the duty free collect and the bar).

Hours: 2 hours before departure

Operated By: Aircalin - Salon Hibiscus Lounge*


Lounge Access and Eligibility

International Business

Next onward flight that day must be a Qantas flight. One guest allowed and must be travelling with the member on the same flight.

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