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I plan on travelling from Bolivia into Western Brazil (Caceres or Cuiaba in Mato Grosso) from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I have heard that there are a couple of border cities into which to pass over to Brazil.

Does anyone know which is the safest/easiest way to go through?

If so, is travelling by bus the only way? I've heard there's also a train that leaves from Santa Cruz to Brazil, via Corumba? Is this currently running? Does anyone have experience travelling to Brazil like this?

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RometoRio shows a route for both bus and train. Several, in fact. Each varies by price, and time, for obvious reasons, and it's shown alongside some flight prices as well, if that's a possible consideration.

The bus option looks brutal, however, as they're only finding one that goes via Argentina(!), taking 3 days. The train, on the other hand looks more doable for 43 hours, and looks to be split about 1/3 train 2/3 bus.

There is also a flight option shown.

Bolivian buses, from experience, are a far 'rougher' affair than Argentinian/Chilean/Peruvian buses - I wouldn't worry about several days on those, but in Bolivia, it may be a different thing to consider. Personal preference and all that.

Good luck, let us know what you find!

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Thanks Mark. Thanks for the link, that website looks neat, but I'm not sure how accurate it is though... there's gotta be buses that follow a more direct route into Brazil from Santa Cruz, Bolivia! –  unknownprotocol Feb 2 at 22:12

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