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I want to take 2 suitcases, one inside the other but the zip won't zip up. My local airport does not offer a bag wrap service and I wondered if I could do this at Leeds railway station before my flight. Anyone done this?

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I've never seen bag wrapping at any UK railway station, so I fear you'd be out of luck. Is simply buying a new outer suitcase an option? – Gagravarr Dec 6 '13 at 0:24

The Excess Baggage Company has an outlet at Leeds Station, and they're about the only company likely to, as they do wrap at other locations, but generally only airports.

If you click 'more info' on their locations page for North Britan rail stations, for Leeds you'll see:

Leeds Station
Left Luggage Office, Main Concourse, Leeds Station, Leeds, LS1 4DY
Telephone: 0113 243 8030

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 07:00 - 23:00

• Baggage Storage
• Worldwide Baggage Shipping
• UK and Ireland Domestic Baggage Delivery
• Lost Property/ Lost and found
• Courier and Parcel Shipping

Left Luggage Rates
£3.00 per Item     0 - 3hrs
£5.00 per Item     3 - 6hrs
£7.00 per Item     6 - 24hrs

So unfortunately, that particular location doesn't have it. However, I'd still suggest going to them and asking - they are the most likely to know where and if it's possible in the local area.

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Wrong! the bag wrap service is only available in airports, not in rail stations. Click on more info in the link you provided and you will see the "bag wrap" service is only listed under airports... – Heidel Ber Gensis Dec 17 '13 at 1:07
@HaLaBi well spotted, I've updated my answer accordingly. – Mark Mayo Dec 17 '13 at 1:15

The Left Baggage Service usually provides this kind of service and I have seen that in London Euston. You can call them to find out.

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