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I'm travelling to Puerto de Santiago, Tenerife, in February and plan to attend the Santa Cruz carnival.

Looking on Google Maps this is a 1hr 20min journey by car.

Will there be available excursions, or bus/taxi services, which could take us to and from Santa Cruz?

How much would the likely cost of this be?

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How much would the likely cost of this be? - Can you clarify what this means? – Karlson Nov 25 '13 at 0:30
@Karlson In terms of Euros, how much would the transport cost? – Curt Nov 25 '13 at 9:57
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Yes there is a bus service between Puerto de Santiago and Santa Cruz, According to Google Maps:

  1. Take bus number 477 from Puerto de Santiago to Playa Americas (Estacion).
  2. Take bus number 110 from Playa Americas (Estacion) to Santa Cruz.

The trip is around 2 hours and according to the operator's website it will cost around 15€.

I also assume you can just go back the same way as well.

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