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If someone who has never used toilet paper ever travels to countries where only toilet paper is used - how could one learn to use toilet paper?

One of my (Asian) colleagues who is more of a friend confessed he is going paranoid after knowing the fact that he can only use toilet paper while travelling/staying in the US. He was alright being stationed in Dubai, where bidets/water is used to 'wash'. But no more looking further West. Are there any videos (on dummies)/tutorials that one can watch? Youtube doesn't have a tutorial on this either. Any other suggestions please

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If toilet paper scares you, just wait until you see a toilet brush! –  Flimzy Nov 21 '13 at 21:51
does he use bidet only or toilet paper + bidet and therefore is scared he may end up being not completely cleaner? Here in Italy we use the latter, that's why I'm asking. –  Geeo Nov 22 '13 at 9:03

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Well, there is a website dedicated to this! It illustrates the process:


Also, this video explains it well.

A tip for your friend, always take a bottle of water when using a toilet with toilet paper only. This way things will be easier and much more like home.

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Good point about the bottle of water. You see that a lost, in regions with large asian populations where western style toilets are standard (e.g. Caribbean) –  andra Nov 22 '13 at 9:55

Maybe a different audience, but you could ask this question on parenting.se. A lot of parent are keen to know how to fully potty train their kids.

Searching in french on google made me find some examples in English on Youtube. Example 1 Example 2

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Carry a Travel Washlet. I do. It's like portable civilization.

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