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I want to go from Venezuela (Guiria) to Trinidad by boat. Unfortunately I can't find any detailed information about prices and so on. The only thing I could find is that the boat leaves from Guiria in Venezuela every Wednesday.

Is there anyone who has some more information?

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There a ferry mentioned on the Rome2Rio site which also mentioned that the tickets for the ferry can be bought on Pier1TT, which appears to be in the process of upgrading, so they give a phone number to call.

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I was able to phone the ferry agency. A one-way ticket is about 6,500 Bolivares Fuertes (including taxes) (USD $1,035, EUR €755). Round-trip has a cost of about 13,000 Bolivares Fuertes. (USD $2,070, EUR €1,515)

But a flight (for example from Margarita Island) is much cheaper. A Round-trip from Margarita Island to Port of Spain is about 5,000 Bolivares Fuertes (USD $795, EUR €580). One-way is about 3,000 Bolivares Fuertes. (USD $475, EUR €350)

(Prices: Dec. 2013)

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