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In Ko Chang, laundry services can be found in any street, around 25 baht per kg.

In Bangkok, I am unable to find any such service. I could only find hotel services that charge 25 baht per pair of socks.

Are there any reasonable laundry services, or self-laundry shops, in Bangkok? If yes, what is a convenient way to find them?

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At least the Khao San Road area is full of laundries, and 25/kg sounds about right. I was there about 2.5/3 months ago. Bangkok is a huge city though so maybe you should tell us which part if you're not near Khao San. –  hippietrail Nov 12 '13 at 14:56

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I found a list of laundry service providers in Bangkok. You can look over it. I hope it will help you to find your nearest service provider.

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There is a new 24-hour laundry service called Wahsbox24. Now I don't live in Bangkok so I have never used it before. The price is quite steep for 20 baht per piece! But they do pick-up & delivery so it can be good for really busy time.

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Yes they are. Almost every where in places where foreigners stay. They are quite cheap and fast.

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