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I have a similar question to this Shower rooms at Incheon airport
My buddy has an 8 hour layover in Singapore. Is there any place where one could shower for free at Changi (Singapore) airport? The one location mentioned on their site charges $9 for a shower!

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I saw a person do a sponge bath in a toilet before!! – vasin1987 yesterday

Many years ago there used to be free showers at Changi, but they have since been removed.

Today the options are :

  • The Ambassador Transit Hotels as you've listed in terminals 1, 2 and 3 (SGD $8.56, including a free non-alcoholic drink)

  • The Ambassador Transit Lounge in terminals 2 and 3 (same price as above)

  • The Rooftop Pool at the Ambassador Transit Hotel in terminal 1 (SGD $13.91 for pool/showers/free non-alcoholic drink)

  • The Rainforest Lounge in terminal 1 (Around $10, more if you want to use the rest of the lounge)

All options will provide towels and toiletries.

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I don't believe so. SleepInAirport lists 5 places you can shower, and all are pay lounges / areas.

That said, Changi was also the top-rated airport for RnR during a stopover, so maybe a nap is enough to freshen up...?

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Btw where did you get "Changi is top-rated airport for RnR" from? Rated by? – Pacerier Nov 13 '15 at 12:28
Now updated - it was the SleepingInAirports 2015 traveller survey, Changi ranked top. – codinghands Dec 14 '15 at 10:20

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