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What are the requirements to obtain a pre-paid micro-SIM in Jakarta, Indonesia (passport, cost, etc)?

What are the recommendations for where to obtain a micro-SIM (7-11, cellular company store)?

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Fortunately, Indonesia is not India. Here's how to do it:

Walk outside your hotel, pick up a rock, throw it. It will land on a shopping mall, convenience store, corner shop, wartel or guy squatting on the pavement festooned with colorful signs for Indosat (IM3), Telkomsel (simPATI) or XL Axiata. Hand over around Rp 10,000 ($1), preferably while showing them your phone and its SIM card slot to make sure they give you the right size. Enjoy your shiny new microSIM!

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You can also get a SIM at the airport (CGK) near the baggage claim. –  Will Nov 16 '13 at 20:58

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