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I am an indian national, currently staying in USA. My current H1B Visa has expired and I am planning to travel back to india via London, UK.

Will I require an airside transit Visa for London?

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2 Answers

Yes, you will need a visa to transit through London in your case

Firstly, you can use the UK Border Agency Do I Need A Visa tool to check if you would normally need one. That comes back with

YES, you generally need a visa to transit the UK

Next, you want to look up the 'Transit without visa' concession - DATV exemptions (you'll have to click to expand the section). From there:

Additionally, you must hold: .... a valid entry visa for Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA

As your visa will have expired, it will not count as a valid entry visa for the USA, so you won't qualify for the 'Transit without visa' concession. Thus, you'll need to apply for a Transit Visa. Well, either that, or leave the US before your current visa expires!

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I am facing the same dilemma right now. However I seem to have the answer for my own (Indian travelling back home through Heathrow) but with a valid US visa. Please check if you need the transit visa on this link. That link can be used for people from different countries and in different situations. Basically the answer has already been given in the link given above for "UK Border Agency Do I Need A Visa tool"

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