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My boyfriend and I will be going backpacking around South America. So far we have booked a flight from New Zealand in and out of Santiago. We will have 3.5 months to do some sort of a loop around South America. I need to go to Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia to see my family, but we also want to visit Peru and Brazil, and also Argentina if possible. We may be able to book one internal flight to help our trip go a little faster. Any route suggestions? We would like to include all the main highlights (Macchu picchu, salt flats, Iguazu Falls). We are struggling with what the more efficient route is that would allow us to do most things without rushing too much:)

We are thinking Chile-> Argentina--> up through west of Bolivia--> Peru-- back down-- across to Santa Cruz--> Brazil---> Iguazu--> Argentina --> Chile.

Could also go the other way around. Any other suggestions? If you think this is unrealistic/delusional, please are there alternatives you suggest?

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