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In this question, Mark Mayo's answer (see "Option 1") includes a City Nightline overnight train. Can any portion of that trip be covered by a Eurail pass?

For reference, the whole trip is:

Eurostar & City Night Line sleeper train: Hop on a mid-afternoon Eurostar from London to Paris and take the excellent City Night Line sleeper train from Paris to Berlin arriving next morning.

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Your whole trip is covered by the Eurail pass, but you should pay for reservations.

If you go to the website for Eurail pass, there is a page specifically for international trains. For the Eurostar from London to Paris, you must reserve a seat. In 2nd class, it is worth 89 euros.

On the page for night trains, it says that CityNightLine trains are accessible, but you must reserve a seat/berth. For example, a berth in 2nd class with a Global Eurail pass costs 27.5 euros.

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Note that it's often cheaper to just buy a new Eurostar ticket, rather than paying the rail pass fee! Check the prices yourself before booking – Gagravarr Sep 17 '13 at 9:46

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