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I'm planning to visit Old Trafford during my travel to UK.

I already know that going from London to Manchester is by using train that stops in Manchester Piccadilly. However I'm a bit confused on how to go to Old Trafford Stadium from Manchester Piccadilly station. Google Maps gave me "Walk for 52 mins" even after I chose "using public transport".

Any idea?

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There's a railway station at Old Trafford itself, handily called "Manchester United Foodball Ground". Looking at the Official directions and map it looks to be right by the stadium, and Wikipedia concurs.

The Manchester Sport Website suggests that trains to Old Trafford depart from Manchester Picaddilly, so that should make things easy. However, Wikipedia suggests trains only stop there on match days, so it depends if you're going to see the stadium, or a match there.

There are two Metrolink tram stations a short walk away, Exchange Quay and Old Trafford. If it isn't a match day, your best bet is probably to change onto the tram to get there.

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This link might help you find your way around. I've never used the public transport in Manchester but I'm sure there will be a bus.

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