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We are Iraqis staying in Georgia Tbilisi, our refugee status has been denied. We have a 1-year visa, which will end in about 4 months.

Once it does, we have to go to some other country, cross borders, and get back to renew our visa.

There are two countries close to Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine, but Turkey is closer. My question is, how much time and money does it cost to go from Georgia to Turkey (to the nearest border)? - And where in Tbilisi the bus station is located? as we'd like to go by land - Lastly and importantly, how much time will we get in our re-newed visa? - Note that when we first got here, we got a 1-year visa stay. But I don't know if they will also do it again, and give us another year, or is it less? - And the visa to Turkey is given at the borders right?

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It's trivial to cross from Georgia to Turkey at the bigger crossing near Batumi. There are buses and I've even hitchhiked it. Depending on your nationality there may be a fee for Turkey. For my country it's on the expensive side. There are several big bus stations in Tbilisi. Easiest might be to get a bus or train to Batumi, a local bus to the border, walk across the border, then get a Turkish bus to somewhere you don't mind staying for a week. I don't know if there's a minimum time you need to be out of Georgia between visits. Anyway you're asking more than one question. –  hippietrail Aug 24 '13 at 16:41
Try to ask each question as a separate question - the way Stack Exchange works is that questions are for many other people in the future, not just the person asking. So the question about visa runs, the one about Turkish visas, and the one about buses from Georgia to Turkey are all separate. Ask each independently and I and others will do our best to help. –  hippietrail Aug 25 '13 at 8:00