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I'm arriving in Lisbon fairly late on a Sunday with a fair amount of baggage. I've usually used the Aerobus (which works fine) but I've got more baggage than usual and it'll have been a long day by the time I get to Lisbon. So I'm looking at what a taxi is going to cost.

The Lisbon airport site says that it should be about 10 euros. Which would be fine. But when I follow the link they provide to an online taxi booking site, it quotes 32 euros, which is less fine. Is the airport site simply way out of date or is the booking site overcharging?

What should I expect to pay, approximately, to get to a hotel in the city center (near Marquês Pombal in my case)?

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How much did you pay? :) – Sergio Sep 7 '13 at 16:38
@Sergio Unfortunately my luggage did not make the connection in AMS with me. So without any luggage to deal with, I took the bus. Fortunately, my luggage did catch up with me the following day but I guess I won't be finding out the price of that taxi ride firsthand. – Kris Sep 8 '13 at 18:42
Well, it will be usefull for others... nice that the luggage showed up at least :) – Sergio Sep 8 '13 at 18:45
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You should expect something between 9 - 15€, more than that is suspicious/wrong.

I am from Lisbon and live in Sweden now. When Traveling home I take the taxi from the Airport out to Oeiras (on the suburbs and also a extra taxed ride since it's outside Lisbon Municipality). It costs me between 25-30€.

The Lisbon airport site you named is not the official one. is.

Check also this about different rates at different days/times, and this unofficial site with some info also.

You can also go to the Tourist office inside the Airport and buy a fixed price ride. 19.20€ was the price I found for weekends.

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The 10€ figure meshes with my memory as well as Wikivoyage. It should be a little less during daytime, perhaps a little more with a luggage or night-time surcharge. Wikivoyage also mentions a 18€ voucher which should be higher than the real rate.

Taxis are legally required to have fares posted and to have a working meter. If in doubt, ask the driver for a ballpark amount first.

There are dishonest taxi drivers in Lisbon (like anywhere else I imagine). The rate you were quoted is a lot higher than the market rate and seems to be intended to surcharge unaware visitors.

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We got a cab from the airport to the city for 12 Euro we gave him 15 as we were happy after reading all the horror stories before coming here.

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Excellent! Thank you for pulling this up and adding an actual current answer. – CGCampbell Sep 15 '14 at 19:56

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