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We are going on a trip to the canary islands and we would not like to miss accessing the Mount Teide summit, but:

Access to the summit itself is restricted; a free permit is required to climb the last 200 m (660 ft). Numbers are normally restricted to 200 per day.


Reservations can be done on the Teide National Park web site. Problem is, it shows no vacancies left at the time we are going. Without any hope, I have emailed the park so that they let us know of last-minute cancellations.

Are you aware of any other way to access the summit without permit?

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I just found out that I will be able to access the peak!

By booking a night at the Altavista refuge, they let us climb to the peak in the early morning (only)!

Access to the crater

It is advisable to leave the refuge at about 6 am, to reach the Teide crater before dawn.

When you stay overnight at Altavista del Teide Refuge, you are entitled to access Teide Peak without having to apply for the permit, which is otherwise required.


El Teide from Montana Blanca with an overnight stay at the Refugio Altavista

For the true mountain enthusiast, the only 'real' way to climb El Teide is from Montana Blanca, but to include an overnight stay at the 60-bed Altavista Hut before rising early the next morning to reach the Pico del Teide in time for sunrise. This is the one scenario where you don't need a permit, but you DO:

  1. need to be at the summit early as you must be off the Telesforo Bravo trail before 9am,
  2. need to provide evidence when you exit at the Telesforo Bravo gate that you stayed at the Refugio Altavista the night before.

Be aware that it's not cheap to stay in the Altavista refuge - €20 per night for adults at the time of writing.


Just booked it!

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