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I am looking for options to have skydiving or paragliding near Amsterdam. I know both (skydiving and paragliding) are very different but I want to have adventurous sky view. Near Amsterdam doesn't mean in Netherlands or nearby country but any good location preferably closer to Amsterdam. Good location means:

  • Cheaper in terms of money
  • Distance from Amsterdam
  • View
  • Safety
  • Height etc.

I found some sky diving options in Texel, Netherlands which is too costly for me (Euro 350/- Approx.) I want to plan holiday for 2 weeks and good answer can really help me in choosing my holiday destination.

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Near Amsterdam, paragliding is not an option, since you need mountains for it, as far as I know.

In terms of money, you could consider the skydiving centre in Teuge. I am assuming you are not an experienced skydiver. Than you can jump outside of the weekends/public holidays for 175 euros.

In terms of your other requirements. Teuge is closer to Amsterdam than Texel, slightly more than an hour by car. Teuge is located very close to the Veluwe, which is one of the largest natural landscapes in the Netherlands. According to the website you will jump from 3km height. I can't judge the safety, but I don't think this is something to worry about in the Netherlands.

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