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I am travelling to New York in September. Thinking of apply for ESTA US visa. But unsure if I am eligible. My British Passport was issued in April 2005. Hence it doesn't have the chip all recently passports have. I am unsure if my passport is machine readable. Am I eligible for ESTA visa or can you please provide a phone no to clarify this information.

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Call the embassy. – gerrit Jul 31 '13 at 17:19
Machine Readable just means it has all the key info in a special format along two lines under the photo - does your passport have that? – Gagravarr Jul 31 '13 at 18:09

Since your passport was issued before the October 26, 2005 deadline, all you need is a machine readable passport (, it doesn't even require a digital photo. And according to Wikipedia, all British passports since ~1988 (though they may have issued old stock until 1993ish) have been machine readable so it would seem you are fine.

As @Gagravarr pointed out, the machine readable code is easy to identify. Should be a simple job to check.

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