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enter image description here (photo by Krzysztof Gapys)

We will spend a couple of days in Bologna which will be awesome of course. Such an old city with lots of culture. The weather though may limit our options during the warmest hours (reported to be around 36 degrees celsius). What are the options for some outdoor pooling in the proximity of Bologna?

So far I have found a public pool outside of Bologna but it is somewhat outside the city. Another option may be to catch a train to Rimini at the adriatic riviera.

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indoor or outdoor? – Geeo Jul 22 '13 at 20:00
outdoor would be preferred (updated question to be more specific) – froderik Jul 22 '13 at 20:21
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I'm not aware of any outdoor swimming pool in Bologna (city center). You may need to move a little bit.

Piscina Junior it's just 12 km from Bologna. You can go by car or take the bus "linea azzurra 96 Pianoro Nuovo - Pianoro Vecchio".

Granarolo is 13 km from Bologna (bus linea azzurra 88).

15 km from Bologna there's the Gessi pool and, again, you can go by car or use the linea azzurra Calderino or Monte San Pietro direction.

In Budrio, 20 km from Bologna, there's another swimming pool you may want to check out.

Centro Sportivo Piccolo Paradiso is another option 30 km from Bologna. Prices here

All the links are Italian only. It should be pretty easy to figure out opening hours and prices but if you have doubts leave here a comment and I'll try to improve the answer by translating them.

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