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I am a Filipino Citizen working in Qatar and have a valid Residence Permit. I am planning to visit my wife's sister in the UK, and afterwards we are planning a Schengen tour with the other family member living in the UK. Do I need to get two visas which is a UK Visa from UK embassy (my point of entry) and at the same time another visa which is a Schengen visa from the France's embassy?

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Yes, you do need two visas, since the UK and Schengen have separate immigration arrangements.

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Thanks for the answer jpatokal. So, this means I have to gather 2 copies each of the similar required documents in applying for the two visas? –  grm Jul 10 '13 at 10:27
Yes, that's correct. –  jpatokal Jul 10 '13 at 12:08

yes sir! you need two visa both UK and Shengen.

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Could you elaborate more on that, add some detail and references perhaps ? –  blackbird57 Jul 8 at 13:50
Correct answer, but reduced quality. Would you please add the details? –  Gayot Fow Jul 8 at 14:16

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