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Will be traveling to Bogota, Colombia and Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil for a business trip in the month of August.

I have the flexibility of making either Rio or Bogota as my port-of-entry into South America, i.e. I could do either of those first.

My options in terms of Airline are: Lufthansa, United, Air France, British Airways, Avianca, American Airlines, Jet, Qutar, Etihad and Emirates. Some of them use regional connections on TAM, Iberia, GOL etc. Also, flying into Rio seems to offer wider options, than flying into Bogota.

Of all those, I've had poor experience on American Airlines and British Airways, and read some nasty reviews about Iberia. Have flown Lufthansa and United, and it's been a reasonable (but not great) experience. Have no experience with the others. So can someone recommend the better airlines in terms of flight-safety records, newer fleet, better customer-service ?

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Hello, and welcome to Travel.SE. You asked many questions in one, and very subjective ones. You should split it in at least two questions, with a meaningful title (we don't care where you travel, but what your question is). Also it's usually hard to tell how safe a country is, because everyone has a different interpretation of it and it depends a lot on where you go in the country. So please make more precise your expectations/definition of safe country. –  Vince Jul 5 '13 at 13:51
Split question and clarified. Here's the link to the other question –  icarus74 Jul 7 '13 at 11:53
That's good you split, but I think the criteria are not clear. You're asking for feedback. I don't fly that often and not on these routes, but I am overall satisfied. I was recently pleased with KLM and Lufthansa, mostly because they're generous with food and are overall OK, anyway the seats are narrow with all airline. I really don't see what you expect about the planes, I flew in a MD11 and a 777 this year and they were both OK, no huge difference to me. So please add actual criteria. –  Vince Jul 7 '13 at 21:25
Thanks @Vince. I've highlighted the criteria in bold. It was already there in my question, but perhaps not so clear. –  icarus74 Jul 8 '13 at 12:34
Yeah I read your criteria, I said I don't find them very relevant. For the reference, the MD11 is old, the 777 quite recent. The same for flight-safety records, I am not sure the difference between airlines is significant. And customer service satisfaction is subjective. So overall, I am not sure your question is answrerable. It is really a matter of taste, and you'll really feel the difference if you fly often. Plus you said you had 'poor' and 'reasonable' experiences. On what criteria did you judge that? the fleet age? the flight-safety records? or your affinity with your flight attendant? –  Vince Jul 16 '13 at 15:28

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