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I will be in transit at the Incheon airport for a couple hours and wanted to make use of their 'shower rooms'. Has anybody used them? Can you take your luggage in the shower room?

The airport's website links you to http://www.wellss.com/new/wellss_service_shower.htm and they have some pictures of the showers here - http://www.wellss.com/new/hub_shower/

At least from the pictures it seems one can easily take their carry on luggage with them inside the shower room. Just wanted to confirm with someone that it was indeed the case. I don't wish to leave my carry-on luggage else where.

Alternatively, are there any good wet wipes for freshening up for long flights?

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I do not have experience of that facility, although I have used the Korean Air lounge in Incheon and you can certainly take your carry on baggage in. This is true of all other airports I have visited as well. –  Andrew Jul 1 '13 at 0:24

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I completed my travel. I can confirm that the shower rooms are completely self contained. You can leave your luggage at the front desk or carry it with you inside. The shower rooms look exactly like the pictures. The towels are small in size and you need to ask for multiple ones for an adult. It doesn't cost anything even for the "amenities". The only thing I'd like to report here is that the shower rooms do not seem to be cleaned after each use so you better be lucky whoever used it before you left it in a good condition.

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