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I will be sailing in Greece for two weeks later this summer. The trip is lead by an experienced captain, but I'm looking for good resources to help me prepare. Specifically, I'm interested in resources specific to sailing the Greek Isles, not sailing in general. Unfortunately, what I'm finding in my own searches is a lot of charter websites.

I'm looking for information on the many Greek islands, recommended routes, weather patterns, boating regulations, recommendations/advice when sailing the Greek isles, etc.

Found so far:


Additional finds since the original post.

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I'm far from being an expert in sailing, but being a native speaker helps when searching so this is what I came across:

A 13 page guide in English from (PDF, 24.4 MB)


  • Introduction
  • Sail the Ionian Sea
  • Sail around Peloponnese and Kythira
  • Sail around Attica and Saronikos Gulf
  • Sail through the Cyclades
  • Sail through the Sporades
  • Sail the North Aegean Sea
  • Sail around the Dodecanese
  • Sail around Crete
  • Discover a variety of water sports activities
  • Useful Information

It's not very detailed, but a good starting point I reckon.

Enjoy your holiday!

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If you are sailing in northern Greece then the blog on Puresailing has a lot of info about sailing. as well as the sailing areas at

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