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I'll be traveling with 11 month baby on lap. According to Transavia guidlines, this means that I can take following:

1 piece of hold luggage with a max. weight of 10 kg, such as a suitcase, buggy or pram (You may take your buggy or pram (maximum weight limit of 7 kg) with you to the gate, where it will be collected and stowed with the hold luggage.)

However, what I'm intending to take is car seat, either baby one or slightly bigger toddler one. First weights 4kg and it's somewhat bigger than hand luggage limit (69x44x39cm vs 55x35x25cm limit), other is 7kg and definitely not hand luggage size.

I'm in doubt how should I transport it. Can it be collected at gate as if it were pram or should I rather pack it as check-in luggage? In later case what would be the best way to pack it?

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Meanwhile I've got response from Transavia's support:

For a baby of up to 24 months old, you may only take an infant car seat or umbrella buggy (a maximum of 7 kilograms) along with you on board of the plane. When you board the plane, will load the infant car seat or buggy into the cargo hold. During the flight, you have to keep the baby on your lap. Each adult may only have a single baby on his or her lap during the journey. There are no carrycots on board.

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