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This is how it happened:

  • I completed Visa Application, got a confirmation number.
  • I scheduled an appointment with the US Embassy. I got a confirmation with a barcode which is the same as Visa Application confirmation number.
  • Recognized I filled some fields wrong in the Visa Application, corrected them and got another confirmation number which is now different from the barcode in the appointment confirmation.

Do I need to cancel the appointment and reschedule a new one?

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don't you have the change appointment option? not cancel. – Nean Der Thal May 21 '13 at 8:54
Which US Embassy are you making an appointment with? Many of them use different booking systems, which may change the answer. – Doc May 21 '13 at 16:14

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Yes. You need to make a new appointment. Also, just an FYI, depending on the visa category you apply for - if there is misrepresentation of facts of any kind in the DS 160, and the VO in the consulate evaluates it to be a misrepresentation, you may face a ban on entering the US.

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