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I've got a dilemma. I am going on my holiday to France for two weeks in July but few days before that I need to fly to Italy for 2 days. So my traveling plan is: going to Italy for two days then back to the UK then a week later going to France for two weeks. What embassy should I apply for my Schengen visa? French or Italian. I'm scared that if I apply for the Italian one (where I'm going for two days) and then a week later will go to France for two weeks I might have problems. Or if I apply for the French embassy but then my first country I will enter on this visa will be Italy I will have trouble. I know traveling within the Schengen countries should be no problem but I need to go back to UK in-between so I won't have the continuation of the trip. Don't know what to do!!!

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The general Schengen rules relevant to the previous question apply but OTOH practical experience with either the French or Italian embassies and/or border control could also be useful and specific to this question. –  Relaxed May 20 '13 at 21:09

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You can got to either Italian or French Embassy ( since the period to stay on both countries are the same ).

However, for this case you should specifically to ask for multiple journey visa.

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