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I'm arriving from New Delhi, India (Indian Passport) by JAL at Narita on 11th July 0730 hrs and departing for San Francisco by Jal Flt 2 at 0005 hrs 12th July very early morn from Haneda. Do i require a Transit visa as I'll be switching airports and spending a few hours at JAL City Haneda Airport Hotel ?? Earlier I got connecting flights from Narita to San Francisco and obtained shore passes to relax at Narita Nikko Hotel. Now I'm travelling with my elderly Mom and do not want complications at Narita immigration or later in the day while going from Narita Airport to Haneda airport. Pls advise.

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There seems to be a regulation (cited here and here, but I could not find an authoritative source) saying that you can get a "transit pass" for exactly this purpose.

But to be on the safe side, I would get a transit visa anyway - link is to the Japanese embassy in India, and it sounds like it is relatively cheap and easy to get.

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thank you Michael.. you've clarified what various authorities in New Delhi could not do.. i'll get transit visas to be on the safe side.. i'm returning via haneda from sfo and leaving for New Delhi from Narita after a fortnight.. i guess i'll require two sets of transit visas – user6738 May 14 '13 at 12:16
For reference, the relevant legislation regarding the "shore pass" are Article 15 of the Immigration Act and Article 14 of the ministerial ordinance for its implementation, which are available in English here and here. (Those translations are based on out-of-date versions of the texts, but those particular articles are still current.) – fkraiem Dec 18 '15 at 7:38

You will need a visa that allows you to get through the immigration control - whatever visa you are able to get as an Indian citizen.

There is no way to get to Haneda airport without that.

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