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Next week I will fly to Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and I will stay in Edinburgh and Dundee. Are there any direct buses between Dundee and Edinburgh Airport or should I take a bus to Edinburgh city and then another one to the airport? If there are any direct buses, are they cheaper?

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According to the website Traveline Scotland there are no direct buses between Edinbugh Airport - Dundee and vice-versa.

Example: 16/5/2013 Depart Edinburgh Airport approximately 9.00 am gives you three options.

enter image description here

if you choose the 9.30am this will be your route, arriving at Dundee Bus Station at 11.32 am

enter image description here

If you then depart Dundee on 18/5/2013 at approximately 4.00 pm you are given the following options:

enter image description here

If you use the 3.40 pm departure your route will be as following arriving at Edinburgh Aiport at around 5.24 pm

enter image description here

Obviously this is an example, as I don't have the specifics of your journey, but no there are no direct buses for your specified route.

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