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I applied for my first passport in March 2009 in Lucknow passport office. But it got stuck in the police verification. After 1 year, when I didn't get my passport I decided to cancel my application. And I did, a cancellation receipt was also provided to me.

Now, I applied for a new passport in 2010 in Ghaziabad passport office. And after 3-4 months, I got my passport without any issues.

After 1 year, in 2012, I got a mail saying that your passport has been dispatched from Lucknow passport office. I was shocked to see this, as I cancelled the application already.

Now, I have two passports. Is it illegal, what should one do in such scenario? I need to travel to the United States in June 2013, please suggest.

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Welcome to travel.SE. If you still have the receipt of the cancellation of request from Lucknow why not just go to the passport office and turn that one in or just have the Passport authority verify which passport is a valid one for you. –  Karlson May 8 '13 at 17:13
Thanks @Karlson I'm going to do the same now, but it might take some days and I have my visa interview in next couple of days. Just wondering if they can find out that I have two passports and reject my visa application? Can I directly tell them myself that I have two passports or is it risky? –  Kevindra May 9 '13 at 3:12
Lots of countries are happy for your to have two passports, so it isn't automatically a problem. Only a few object, you just need to work out if India or the USA are ones of those –  Gagravarr May 9 '13 at 17:34

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In India, it is illegal to have 2 Indian passports in your name.

I see some references to Section 12 of the Indian Passports Act, 1967 mentioning this - but I did not find any such text in that Act.

I can see some news items however where the police have arrested persons with two passports



My suggestion is to go to the Passport Seva Kendra and explain your situation to the Passport Officer. Get the older one cancelled.

As @uncovery said, it's not your mistake.

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Thanks for your advice. I went to the RPO and submitted my 2nd passport. Now my visa has been approved and I should be in the U.S. by next week. :) –  Kevindra May 25 '13 at 16:40

It is not necessarily illegal to have two passports. You can get two passports in the UK if you can prove that you travel a lot. This is done so people can continue to travel when their other passport is away for a visa application for example.

If you have doubts, simply do not use one of them or return it to the authorities. In any case, so far you did nothing wrong.

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