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I would like to have an Asia trip from Malaysia to Hong Kong (if possible).

Is there anyone who has been doing this kind of trip? And I wonder if there is any sea transportation that provides a connection between Hong Kong and Vietnam?

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Besides trains from Hong Kong to Vietnam, you may also wish to consider taking buses especially between the Vietnam-China border. The booking of bus tickets are usually handled through travel agents. – Brennan Neoh Jun 7 '13 at 8:56

There are no "ferries" that travel the route. Ferries are not available for this distance since the minimum distance (bee line) from Hong Kong to Vietnam is 600+ kilometers. You would rather get on board a cruise ship.

Here are some cruises departing from various places in Vietnam, this one here for example going from Singapore via Vietnam to Hong Kong.

As an alternative, and maybe more interesting, you can also take a train. However this will require you to get a Chinese visa, which the boat does not need.

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